Vogue Knitting Stitchionary: Volume One

10 Sep

Vogue Knitting

A word of thanks to my friend who recently sent me this book for my birthday back in late August.   Although I am not a new knitter, I haven’t experimented tons with different stitches and I am thrilled to have this book.  I am told every knitter should have stitch dictionaries and this is my first, so I can’t wait to try some of the 250+ stitches in this book.  I love the cover, although green isn’t my favorite color.  Vogue could have gone with nicer colors to display its stitches and make them pop in the sample pictures.  But still it’s a pretty book and I hope to get the other volumes of Vogue’s Stitchionaries (well, they are on my Christmas wishlist) once I get through some of the stitches in this book.  If you are a new knitter, I highly recommend getting a stitchionary to learn how to make different stitches and incorporate them into your knitted items.  It’s exciting to make these different stitches!  I will provide a better review of this book, once I have actually tried some of the stitches!


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