A Little Love for Pimm’s From This Side of the Atlantic

11 Sep


Summer is sadly leaving us, at least here in New York City it has really cooled down. Just a few weeks back my best friend, who also loves Pimm’s (we have fond memories of drinking lot’s of Pimm’s on a visit to England last summer), and I made some Pimm’s cocktails to refresh ourselves! Still, before summer is out let me share one of my favorite summer drinks because, heck, you can really drink this all year round. When I was studying abroad in England, I discovered this staple of British summers and alas have adopted it in America! Pimm’s liqueur isn’t particularly easy to find but it’s well worth looking for or buying if you see it around to mix yourself a delicious cocktail. Pimm’s liqueur is based on gin mixed with some herbs, who knows, but it tastes of spice and citrus fruits with liqueur.

My Pimm’s recipe listed below doesn’t include quantities, just add as much of each ingredient as you like. Just make it as strong as you want and add as much fruit as you want. In Britain, Pimm’s is usually mixed with what the Brits call Lemonade and we would call Sprite or any lemon based soda.

Pimm’s Cocktail

Pimm's Ingredients
Mint Leaves

And Pieces of:

You can also add cucumbers and substitute any of these fruits or just leave them out completely. We left out cucumbers because my friend doesn’t like them (although I personally love cucumber). You could even just have Pimm’s with Sprite. But I believe mint leaves are key to any good drink, after all my favorite drink is the Mojito!

Note: this post was really prompted because one of my good friends in London is having a Pimm’s themed party which has been aptly named “That Monkey Just Stole My Pimm’s” and since I am here in NYC, I’m upset I can’t attend!


2 Responses to “A Little Love for Pimm’s From This Side of the Atlantic”

  1. JessinBoston September 11, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    When I come to NYC, can we drink Pimms together pls?!

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