Addition to the Stash: Cascade 220

14 Sep

Cascade 220

I’m super excited to knit with this yarn. I must admit I have never knit with it, so I’m not sure what all the hype regarding Cascade 220 is. I know it’s one of the most popular yarns out there but it seems a bit rough and will probably pill. Nevertheless, I LOVE the wide variety of colors it comes in and can’t wait to knit with it. I’m thinking of making either a hat or some gloves with it, but not sure if this is the best use of this yarn. I hope to not be disappointed!


2 Responses to “Addition to the Stash: Cascade 220”

  1. Michelle September 14, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

    I have some of this sitting in my stash cabinet waiting for just the right project. It’ll have to be for someone else because I am allergic to wool but the color is just so beautful I bought 4 skeins of it. Crazy, huh?

    • craftynycgirl September 14, 2010 at 3:08 pm #

      Haha. The colors this yarn comes in are fabulous though, so I am not surprised! I would have a hard time if I were allergic to wool though, do you have a particularly favorite yarn you use for yourself in place of wool yarns?

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