Grimaldi’s Pizza Heaven

20 Sep


So, it’s not a good idea that I am writing this post while starved and about an hour away from Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Last weekend, I headed out to Brooklyn to try what some claim is the best pizza in NYC. I had never been to Grimaldi’s so I was really excited.

Well, going to Grimaldi’s is an experience! Waiting in line for about an hour or more for pizza? In NYC, where there are so many pizzerias? Crazy, I tell you! But it’s supposed to be the best pizza, so I gladly went prepared to wait! As we were waiting in line a man passed by cruelly yelling “it’s overhyped” at the more than 50 pizza lovers of us waiting in line to get into pizza heaven.

We felt like lucky winners when Mr. Grimaldi (?) himself stepped outside and called out for a group of two, and we managed to skip about 15-20 people ahead of us. I could feel their envious looks on my back as we walked inside. Once inside, we were sat in a row of tables right next to each other, cafeteria style like little kids waiting for the best lunch/dinner ever! All around us there were pizza’s being delivered to anxious pizza lovers. The aroma of fresh sauce, melted cheese, and basil devastating to those sitting pizza-less waiting for their own freshly out of the coal brick-oven pie.

Since my friend and I were starved we decided to order the 18 inch large pizza Margherita that comes with 8 slices. I thought It was insane! I never eat more than 2 slices of pizza, 3 at most when I’m really hungry. We’d never finish a large pizza between the two of us! Famous last words…

Well I have a theory as to what happened that night.

The slices were so thin and so light that it was like eating thin slices of bread with sauce and cheese and basil. I don’t know, all I know is that when the pizza arrived I even forgot to take a picture of the whole pie (forgive the bad picture) and by the time we were done we had each had four slices and finished a large 18inch pizza between the two of us!

Even after being so hungry and eating a whole pie with just one other person for the first time in my life, I have to say that Grimaldi’s is probably overhyped. It is definitely one of the best pizza’s in NYC. Is it the best? I am not sure. But I’ve been to pizzerias I would consider better, just as good, or close enough without a 1hr plus wait (like Patsy’s). So I’d take the other good pizzerias in NYC anytime without the wait!

Ps. If you are ever in NYC and want a good slice without the wait e-mail me, Grimaldi’s is an experience, great pizza, but also a 1hr tourist trap! Sorry Grimaldi’s lovers.


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