Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry

21 Sep

First Necklace
“My Very First Necklace”

I realized I’ve said nothing about jewelry making, the reality is I haven’t been making anything! Knitting is so time consuming that I haven’t found time for jewelry making. I’ve always admired the lovely beads at crafts stores but it seemed all too complicated. Nevertheless, one day, not too long ago, I was at a store and I decided to just buy a starting kit. I got home opened my little booklet and admired all the little trinkets in the kit and then realized I had forgotten a very important part. I had no tools to cut and bend wires! I couldn’t make anything. So I marched myself right back to a craft store and bought a lovely set of all pink tools! And soon I was making elementary earrings and necklaces.

It’s a lovely way to make gifts for your friends or just make yourself something when you are going somewhere and can’t find anything to match your outfit. I tend to be of the school of “the simpler the better”, and will go weeks with a favorite necklace. I have three necklaces from Tiffany’s and that’s pretty much all I wear to any event, so I don’t make jewelry pieces often. Still it has come in handy quite often to know how to make and fix jewelry. I can’t wait to expand beyond my very basic jewelry making knowledge but for now knitting occupies most of my free time.


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