Pink Power Jewelry Tools and Other Bits and Ends

24 Sep

Pink Power Tools
The other day, after writing about jewelry making, I dusted off my tools hoping for some inspiration from the jewelry gods. When I went to buy these tools at the store, I was a bit underwhelmed. I only sought to buy some basic tools to help me make some earrings and necklaces. But they all reminded me of the unexciting tools my father keeps in an old leather dufflebag, which he busts out at the sight of any problem or (more often) nagging from my mother to fix something. I thought: “surely gorgeous jewelry necessitates pretty tools to inspire.” And so I had no choice but to buy the Pink Power Jewelry tools. Let me tell you I used to hate pink but oh my how things have changed.

Which brings me to the “other bits and ends”. Here I am thinking about pretty necklaces and earrings, but I have yet to start any Christmas knitting and it’s almost October. The thing I hate about scarves, is that I lose steam knitting them when I’m halfway through. The Blue Scarf for La Madre is still unfinished. La Madre has been putting on lots of pressure as Fall is now, at least officially, here and her scarf is not yet completed. I’ve put my other projects on hold and each week I tell myself, I’ll finish it this week. So far no luck… Will I ever get to start my Christmas knitting? I am thinking my Christmas gifts may have to include more jewelry, less knitting?


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