San Gennaro Yumminess

27 Sep

San Gennaro

This past weekend I headed downtown to Little Italy to the annual San Gennaro Feast on Mulberry Street for the first time. San Gennaro lasts 11 days and is filled with some of the best food. Block after block of Italian food: cannoli, gelato, zeppole’s etc etc etc! It’s heaven to a foodie like me. The Italian restaurants along the street must make tons and tons of money, they were all full as we walked block after block along Mulberry. I had dinner at Da Gennaro’s and had the rigatoni alla vodka (because it was one of the dishes recommended in a newspaper article mentioning the restaurant). The food was delicious but did not blow me away. I feel some of the restaurants along Mulberry are probably tourist traps because you can find good authentic Italian at cheaper prices elsewhere in the city. At the end of my meal I was sufficiently satisfied but I don’t think I will be going back to that restaurant, I just know better Italian restaurants.

Then we went in search of some good cannoli and after one failed attempt we bought cannoli from Cafe Palermo (supposedly the king of cannoli according to the same newspaper article). The best Cannoli? I don’t know, I need to have more … but I certainly was in cannoli heaven as I ate Cafe Palermo’s cannoli. At the end of the night I was super stuffed and content.

I highly recommend heading to the feast if you are in New York City at the end of September, just go ready to eat a ton and break the diet (otherwise its not nearly as much fun)! It’s certainly an experience worth having; it is one of New York City’s oldest traditions. Still I’m in no rush to go back myself next year because the crowds are just insane, you can barely walk because there are just so many people. Yes, I don’t like waiting in long lines and huge crowds so it was my first time at San Gennaro. Much of the same food can be had year round without the crowds. Still it was awesome!


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