Traveling Thursdays: Stratford-Upon- Avon

30 Sep

Take a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon! If not in real life, at least you can through today’s slideshow. Take in the sights of Shakespeare’s birth house, Nash’s House (the house next door to the ruins of Shakespeare’s last house), Hall’s Croft (the house of Shakespeare’s daughter and her husband Dr Hall), Holy Trinity Church (where Shakespeare was baptized and buried), Garrick Inn (Stratford’s oldest pub dating back to the 14th century), Harvard House, and Guild Chapel.

Of my trips to England, this was one trip I was thoroughly anticipating: a day in Shakespeare’s town! Ever since the sixth grade I’ve read, dissected, acted out, seen movies and theater performances of most of Shakespeare’s plays. So this was like going to holy ground for me! As it always turns out, when you travel things don’t go as planned and sadly what was supposed to be highlight of my trip to England was more of a “lowlight”. So back to Stratford on one of my future UK trips it must be! Seeing one of Shakespeare’s plays in his town is also on my must do list. Even if you don’t like Shakespeare or history, it’s a pretty little place to go to.

I have to say that the people who know me must be shocked that England hasn’t yet been featured on my “Traveling Thursdays” posts. I must confess that ever since studying abroad for 6 months in York, England, I have a soft spot for the United Kingdom. I long for those college days in England with the beautiful surroundings of the town of York, my wonderful British friends, rainy days, and tons of what I call “American moments”. One of my very first memories of England was going to a Marks & Spencer with my college friend from home who was also studying abroad to buy bathroom items/accessories. We were lucky enough to have been assigned an apartment on campus while all the other students only had rooms. Well, while at the store we saw a sign that said “Toilets” on the 3rd floor. When we went to the third floor we felt like idiots. There was no bathroom stuff to be found anywhere on the 3rd floor, only real bathrooms or as the Brits would call them Loos!


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