Traveling Thursdays: Cambridge

14 Oct

Today’s “Traveling Thursday” takes us to Cambridge. I love this place because it’s just full of beautiful buildings. In order to have a look around many of the College buildings that make up Cambridge University you have to pay. To me it was a bit ridiculous. We paid for one and went into one but even just walking around is beautiful. We did miss out on going into King’s College Chapel unfortunately because it closes at 5pm and we did not know! But it’s on my to do list for next time I’m in Cambridge!

Also, of course, punting on the river Cam is not to be missed! Hiring a professional though, is best so you get a tour and don’t have to worry about punting or your little boat tipping over. A punt, by the way, is a flat bottomed boat which is steered with a long pole. We had a funny punter give us our ride, I don’t remember how much it was. The funniest part for me was when he started talking about the Queen and said something along the lines of ” I love the queen, bless her”, feeding into every stereotype that some Americans have about British people. Haha. I bet he gets a lot of American tourists.


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