Less Traveling More Knitting

21 Oct

Swish Bulky Scarf
This week, I decided to write another post about knitting, rather than the usual “Traveling Thursday” post because, well, I wanted to share more knitting projects! Here is a scarf I made last year and positively love! It’s a simple one by one (k1, p1) rib. I knit it with Swish Bulky yarn in colors Marlin and Heather from Knitpicks. I really enjoyed knitting with Swish Bulky. I did two rows in each color and knit with two balls of yarn at the same time (just picking up the color I wanted when I needed to, and leaving the other by the side). I would definitely knit with Swish Bulky again, I found it soft, not scratchy at all, and super warm! In fact, it’s so warm I can’t wear it until it really gets cold.


2 Responses to “Less Traveling More Knitting”

  1. Lubbie October 23, 2010 at 1:21 am #

    I love it! So pretty =)

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