Heart It!

8 Nov

Guess what’s on my mind this week:

Fingerless Gloves


  • It’s starting to get cold for real in NYC (not to mention the rain and gloomy fall days).  The other day while at my fellowship, I was freezing! My poor fingers! It occurred to me this is when fingerless gloves come in really handy.  I like to keep my fingers toasty, so thoughts of knitting endless designs of fingerless gloves have been taking over my mind
  • And then there’s the Christmas gifts . . . I am not being as efficient as I should be.  Just when I’ve decided on a pattern and started knitting, I change my mind… not the right yarn, not the right color, and so on.  But this is the week to finalize all decisions on knitted Christmas gifts! It’s less than two months 😮
  • I’ve also found I’m spending so much time knitting that I haven’t been reading for pleasure.  Is it possible to knit and read?
  • Lastly, my motto for the week is “keep calm and carry on.”  In fact, that should be my motto every week …  I wish.

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