Heart It

22 Nov

Here is what I’m into this week:

  • DRESSES: The holiday season is almost here! Thanksgiving is in 3 days and all I can think of is dresses.  Nothing like wearing a cute dress to holiday celebrations.  Here are some from Modcloth.   They may not all really be holiday dresses but I would wear them all :D!
  • Holiday Dresses

  • Oh Knitters: my holiday knitting is happening but not at a good pace.  I have one gift I must complete by the 12th of December and I haven’t even started it! But at least there is some holiday knitting happening.
  • SOUPS, SOUPS, SOUPS: I’m still in love with soups, because there’s nothing like a good soup when its cold and gloomy out.  On Friday, I had a delicious Mushroom Ragout soup at a Thanksgiving potluck! It was fabulous!  Yesterday, I made a ham and potato soup which turned out to be a hit.
  • Boots: when the weather gets cold I live in  boots! I’ll share some faves soon.
  • THANKSGIVING: It’s one of those great American traditions, what is there not to love about Thanksgiving??? (OK for some people there are the family members they would rather not see and all that cooking which can be stressful).  But still the two days I look forward to the most are Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve (because I may live in the U.S, but I am  a proud Latin American and Chrismas Eve is when all the celebrating happens in our culture!)

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