Heart It

6 Dec

This is what I am into this week

  • My obsession with soup continues: this week it is lentil soup.
  • Natural hair: it has become an obsession of mine.  I have curly hair and I want it strong and beautiful in its natural state and to that end: gone are the straightening irons, serums, and hair dryers.  But now that I am all for natural, I want to dye my hair…. because things are never black and white 😀
  • I absolutely love running into knitters or spotting someone knitting on TV or in a movie.
    • This week, I went into my local Wholefoods for a cup of coffee and I saw three young women who seemed to have gotten together over breakfast to knit!  One of them was making what looked like a beautiful green sweater but I couldn’t fully decipher what the other two were making.  But it definitely made my day!
    • Oh and I was watching La Vie en Rose, the movie about  the life of French legendary singer Edith Piaf, and I discovered that she was a knitter!  At one point she is shown knitting and in another scene she offers to make a guy a sweater.  It was a fantastic Movie too!
  • Last but not least: here is my polyvore set of what I am into this week: essie nail polish, my favorite perfume Miss Dior Cherie, scarves and hats (because it is too cold in NYC)
Dec 5th Heart It

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