Back In Action: Late Christmas Gift

13 Feb

Sorry for the long hiatus! Between work and plain old life, I have not been able to blog.

But I’m back with a treat.  It’s a bit late to be sharing Christmas gifts but I never got to blog about any.  Here is a a hat I made as a gift, which I LOVE, wanted to keep, and my mother wanted to steal.  It was definitely a challenge for me (I’m not an advanced knitter).  I could not figure this pattern out for the life of me until I contacted the designer who kindly responded and told me to use stitchmarkers to divide the repeats to try to figure out what I was doing wrong and voila.  I was not reading the pattern right.

I frogged this once and started over and it is one of the pieces I am proudest of, too bad I didn’t get to keep it.  I have to give a shout-out to the designer, Megan Marshall, who quickly responded to my email on Ravelry and tried to help me out.   The pictures below are not that great but you can see better pics of what the hat looks like on, in the pattern pictures in the link below.

Pattern: Fern Glade

On circular needles:

jeany hat 1

On double pointed needles:

Jeany Hat


jeany hat finished 1

jeany hat finished 2

Sorry, I couldn’t get better pictures of the finished hat or modeling pics!  Click on the fern glade link above to see better pics of this beautiful pattern.


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